My approach to counseling is a combination of interpersonal process, narrative therapy, and existential therapy. Our relationships, life story, and the meaning we give it all can greatly affect us. Interpersonal process focuses on the problems in our relationships and how we can improve them together in the counseling relationship. Narrative therapy provides clients with an awareness of how their problems stem from the way they view and share their life story. In narrative therapy we will work together to re-author your story into one of positive healing and change. Existential therapy allows clients to focus on being authentic about their life purpose within their career, relationships, and within themselves. In existential therapy, we will work together to improve intellectual honesty about your life and confront truthful aspects about your own existence. This multidisciplinary process will ultimately reduce anxiety and aid in life fulfillment.


There are times in life we need someone to help us navigate through unsteady waters. I believe in the importance of mind, body, and soul health. The goal of therapy is to help you deal with the struggles in your life that make it difficult to live fully the way you would like to. Together, we will achieve this purpose by figuring out what your goals are for therapy, by being honest and open in our sessions, and moving toward personal responsibility and acceptance. These steps will provide the space and potential for lasting positive change.